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Rhineland Bastards

June, 18, 2018


who’s making all that noise?

July, 31, 2014


I guess that would be me, but it’s just a little noise (for now), nothing to get all excited about.  Okay, maybe just a little excited.


Well I just did my first San Diego Comic-con panel and it was great!  I also got to cover the Black Panel, which is a panel I’ve sworn to one day be a panelist on.  I’m slowly making my way towards accomplishing that goal.  In between the panel and doing a bit of reporting for I’m excited to announce that my short script entitled, Tattooed Tears, is going to be shot in a few weeks.  If the end result is anything like the story I’ve envisioned you all are in for a wonderful treat.  The short will be directed by my writing partner, Aaron Lewis.

But that’s not all I’ve been writing.  I’m currently working on the revision to the Relics screenplay before it goes out to a production company for consideration.  I have three pilots out to various producers and I’m eagerly awaiting a yes or no, either way, I’m learning from each experience.

In between all this I still find the time to work on the next issue of One Nation, the 2014 Glyph awarded comic book series created by Jason Reeves.  Plus, I’m working on a number of other comic properties such as the 5-issue thriller series, In the Dead of Night, to which you can preview here, you can also preview pages of the Relics graphic novel that I’m developing here.

There’s a list of other comic projects from web to print and some stuff in between that I can’t yet talk about, but I can say that once these projects are up and running I think they’re going to be a delightful surprise for readers.

Before I go on I should announce that I’m part of a creative collective called the operative network.  This small band of talented creators will be looking to set various industries on fire with our storytelling and compelling artwork.  We dropped a visual mix tape at SDCC that is quickly gaining some traction.

For those wondering about the crime novel, Only the Holy remain, I’m currently rewriting (whenever I can) but I’ve posted the first 7 rewritten chapters on Book country and you can read them for free here

Until we meet again,

Thanks for the support and enthusiasm.  I hope you’ll enjoy everything that’s o come


Where there’ smoke…

March, 20, 2013

…there’s bound to be fire or least that’s how the saying goes.  Right now there’s a small fire kindling in my neck of the woods.  I’ve been busy, maybe busy isn’t the right word, hmmm….okay, I think I’ve got it.  I’ve been on fire. Burning with a desire to create and write, so much so that it’s consumed me along with the fact that I’ve had a son since my last update and he’s seven months and growing.

Awwww.  Yeah, yeah, don’t go getting all mushy on me.

So this burning desire has been fed by countless hours of sitting at a desk, at a TV tray, on a bus, or a train, and even on an air mattress at one point in my life writing and writing and producing novels, comics and graphic novels that the world has yet to see.  Why?  Because if I don’t write I’ll die.  I know those are harsh words but deep down it’s the one truth I absolutely believe in.

I’ve been toiling for over three years working at writing various things in a multitude of  genres for different medias with no idea if any of it would make it past my pad (Yep, I still write with a pen and pad) and into the hands of you the reader.

Today I’m proud and a bit scared to say that those ideas are on the fast track to being in your hands for your enjoyment.  How?  Well I teamed up with my esteemed writing partner, Aaron Lewis, a fellow Columbia College Chicago grad and we decided that between us we had enough ideas to fuel a mini-studio and so we started Arion digital media group ( a multi-media entertainment group.  Through Arion readers will finally get to read the entire 8 issue historical/horror series, Virgin Wolf or the Choose-your-own-destiny graphic novel, Dime.  But comics and graphic novels are just the beginning in what we hope to achieve in the arena of TV, Film, and gaming, just to name a few.

What about prose?

No, I haven’t given up my first love and I never will.  I just signed my first crime novel to a new indy publisher called, The Garrote, through them readers will get to meet detective Frank Calhoun in his debut within the pages of, Only the Holy Remain.  I’m currently rewriting/editing the follow up novel entitled, Blue Religion.  More info on a release date and readings to come.

Now you gotta be saying, wow-oh-wow, but the fire is just heating up.  I’m also currently writing a 98 page graphic novel for a publisher while simultaneously writing a tribute comic on one of film’s most influential directors/writers for another publisher.

In between all that I’m also the co-writer for One Nation, a real world episodic superhero comic from

(check out the preview here:

As you can see that burning desire has started to kindle into what I hope continues to be a huge roaring fire.  There’s some other secretive projects on the horizon that I can’t wait to tell you about, some that are really going to be game changers as far as what people perceive me to write while others will be really cool projects that I hope leave you begging for more.

I was asked recently by a fellow writer how these opportunities have come my way and I always say truthfully it was a bit of luck, a lot of writing and believing in yourself even when it feels like there are those that don’t, and lastly, taking chances and putting myself out there whether that meant a cold email intro, a facebook comment, a pitch where I was turned down, or even a face-to-face interview.  I’ve learned that each interaction is fuel for the fire.  Use every critique as fuel. Get Mad. Not at the person critiquing you but at yourself and tell yourself that you’ll do better next time because this time it was a learning experience, but next time it’ll be a win.  No matter what keep writing and stay inspired by all things around you.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the free preview book or 200 pg graphic novel on


2012 is my year

February, 10, 2012

So as always it would seem that my hands are in a few pots.  I’ve decided to do a small update on just a few projects that I’m working on.

My first novel, Only the Holy Remain, has a contract on the table from a publisher.  You can read an except here.

I’m currently rewriting/editing on my next novel, a follow up entitled, Blue Religion, which you can check out here.

I’m one step closer to signing Virgin Wolf to a publisher, so oh happy day when this story finally see’s the light of day.

Here’s a script that I did for my partner/director Aaron Lewis.  The script is called Misty Blue.  It’s a 7 page  noir short with an impact! Check it out

Now as I said I’ve been working on a few projects.  The first one is Dime, a neo-noir graphic novel, which I’m pitching to a few publishers now.  If you haven’t seen the new cover check out it here.

My next mini-series is an action-adveture entitled, Palm, which follows the story of Paris Mulano, a young sicilian woman turned assassin after her family is murdered by a powerful American mafia boss.  Here’s a look at the inked cover.  Isn’t she beautiful?


Also, Zulu is back in production and I have two publishers interested in the book.  Here’s a look at the cover to the second issue.  Yeah, we’re gearing up to tell a very exciting story.


There’s a lot more that I wish I could share, but I hope you’ll stick around just a bit longer to see how I’m about to impact the world of entertainment.  Thanks!


Client service projects

September, 13, 2011

Over the past year many readers and fans of my work have been watching as I post on twitter or facebook about my many adventures in writing without actually seeing the end product.  We’ll today’s your lucky day.  Take a gander at some of the projects I’ve been working on for various clients and entertainment entities.

1. The Maze

2. Oasis

3. Battle of the Exs

4. Dark Lords

5. The 14th Dalai Lama GN

6. The Rock Thrower GN

7. One Nation: old druid



June, 1, 2011

So I’ve been busy… as always.  But I thought I’d take the time to drop an update.  My short story, Pain” was recently published over at the Heated Forest.  It’s a hard-boiled crime story filled with so much toughness it’ll make you second guess taking on the little man in the room.  You can read it here.

Between adapting a screenplay into a graphic novel and project managing intellectual properties and adapting them into graphic form i.e. comic books I’ve also just finished writing my next novel, which is entitled “Blue Religion” It’ll be the follow up to my first novel “Only the Holy Remain” which has a contract on the table with a small publisher.

As I was writing this update I received two emails this morning from two different publishers.  The good news is that it looks like Zulu has found a home and I hope to share more details about it soon, but for now you can check out the preview pages here.  The other news is that some of my comic material will be published in a magazine over in India.  Again, more details to come, sorry.

But I know you didn’t come to hear me ramble on.  You want to see the cover to the Virgin Wolf graphic novel.  Well Here you go.

Virgin_website cover

The book will be coming out soon.  Just gotta get a few more things into place, but be on the lookout for some cool giveaways.

In parting I leave you with these words.  ”While you sleep I write.”  and I hope that while I sleep you’re writing.