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Short Stories (because good things come in small packages)

A Soldier’s Tears

Added on 10-26-2009

A Soldier’s Tears is the story of one man’s struggle to deal with the aftereffects of war and losing a loved one at the same time.

An Angel Named Paul

Added on 10-26-2009

A guardian angel questions his duties to guarding mortals and if their existence is worth his own pleasure and time.


Added on 09-13-2011

Pain was the name on the streets.

It was a name that carried with it enough power that the crooked Narco detectives out of the 13th precinct on Chicago Avenue didn’t even attempt to pull Pain over and rob him for what he was worth (possibly millions) because they knew he was paid up to the right people; the kind of people who could force a cop into early retirement with half the pension. Plus, it didn’t hurt that he was backed by cold-blooded killers who could go out and make whole families disappear before returning home and fucking the living daylight out of their girlfriends as if it were nothing

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Added on 10-26-2009

Peaches is the story of Cedric and Leroy, two childhood buddies, who one day decide they both like the same girl, Peaches.  What ensues after their discovery is one for the record books; well, at least in the record books of Senate Street.

Second City Slavers

Added on 10-26-2009

Second City Slavers tells the story of Marcy Banks, a suspense-thriller writer who gets more than she bargains for when she goes searching for her missing friend in an underground sex club called the “Chamber”.

Sons of the Devil

Added on 10-26-2009

Sons of the Devil is the harrowing story of detective Robert Townsend’s quest to catch an elusive murderer while struggling to become the first African American detective to make Chief Detective, thus fulfilling his father’s dream.