On Internet Explorer 6

On Internet Explorer 6

It appears you are viewing this site in Internet Explorer 6, which isn’t a fully supported browser. IE 6 is a very old browser, you see, and it doesn’t support any of the modern standards, which means that you just aren’t going to see the internet the way everybody else does, and that is kind of a big deal.

IE 6 was released eight full years ago! Eight years ago, cell phones were only good for making calls, sending texts, and (if you were lucky) managing email. Now they double as video game systems, music players, GPS devices, and more. Modern browsers (like Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Google Chrome, or Safari 4) are like powerful new cell phones. IE 6 is like the clunky old thing with the pull-out antenna that can barely send text messages.

This site was made to be readable even on browsers as old as Internet Explorer 6, but because it uses modern techniques it won’t look as good. Some of the neat bells and whistles that most people are seeing (transparency, really pretty typographic effects, etc) have been replaced with more basic stuff.

If you want to download a modern browser, try Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

Now, we know some of you are STUCK using it on clunky old work computers, but if you can upgrade, do it. Seriously. You’re missing a lot of good stuff. For example: click on the screenshot below to see what the rest of the world is seeing:

AlverneBall.com regular screenshot