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Take a look at these projects. Look long, look hard. This is what I do.

Latest Novel

Only The Holy Remain


After discovering the body of Father Pantone, Detective Frank Calhoun embarks on a journey to chase down clues that will reveal the murderer’s treacherous intentions. Along the way, he must deal with his own demons such as his father’s incarceration as well as his former partner’s mysterious death. With the walls closing in around him, Frank must discover the murderous plot before it’s too late.

Latest Short Story


Pain was the name on the streets.

It was a name that carried with it enough power that the crooked Narco detectives out of the 13th precinct on Chicago Avenue didn’t even attempt to pull Pain over and rob him for what he was worth (possibly millions) because they knew he was paid up to the right people; the kind of people who could force a cop into early retirement with half the pension. Plus, it didn’t hurt that he was backed by cold-blooded killers who could go out and make whole families disappear before returning home and fucking the living daylight out of their girlfriends as if it were nothing

download a PDF of the story

Latest Script

No Zombies Allowed

NZA was a comic series about kids surviving the zombie apocalypse.  Check out issue 1 here