2012 is my year

February 10, 2012

So as always it would seem that my hands are in a few pots.  I’ve decided to do a small update on just a few projects that I’m working on.

My first novel, Only the Holy Remain, has a contract on the table from a publisher.  You can read an except here.

I’m currently rewriting/editing on my next novel, a follow up entitled, Blue Religion, which you can check out here.

I’m one step closer to signing Virgin Wolf to a publisher, so oh happy day when this story finally see’s the light of day.

Here’s a script that I did for my partner/director Aaron Lewis.  The script is called Misty Blue.  It’s a 7 page  noir short with an impact! Check it out

Now as I said I’ve been working on a few projects.  The first one is Dime, a neo-noir graphic novel, which I’m pitching to a few publishers now.  If you haven’t seen the new cover check out it here.

My next mini-series is an action-adveture entitled, Palm, which follows the story of Paris Mulano, a young sicilian woman turned assassin after her family is murdered by a powerful American mafia boss.  Here’s a look at the inked cover.  Isn’t she beautiful?


Also, Zulu is back in production and I have two publishers interested in the book.  Here’s a look at the cover to the second issue.  Yeah, we’re gearing up to tell a very exciting story.


There’s a lot more that I wish I could share, but I hope you’ll stick around just a bit longer to see how I’m about to impact the world of entertainment.  Thanks!

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