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May 26, 2010

I know I’ve been away, but for good reason.  I just graduated with my Masters in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago.  Yep, one small step or something like that.   Trust me, it’s been a loooooong road that I’ve had to travel.  And in truth my journey is just beginning.

Now, that I’m officially a graduate I can no longer hold on to my internships and must now go into the world and work.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to work, I love to work hard and earn a good buck.  I’ve been working since I was 12, but that’s a story for another day.

Today is about giving you, my audience, a glimpse into my creative world.  Over the past few months I’ve been writing my life away.  Currently I have three new comic book ideas in development as I speak.  And by development I mean that right now they’re being drawn.

Here’s a run down of what they are.

Guilds is a fantasy story about a young street performer named Adrian who discovers she is the last living heir to a magical armor called the Armor of Osiris. Haunted by a merciless warrior by the name of Brun the Skinner, Adrian finds herself accompanied by a band of unlikely heroes, each a different species from a guild that helped to create the armor, as she sets out to assemble Osiris Armor and unlock it’s secrets in order to destroy the greatest evil her world has ever known…Shadazar the blighted.

In The Dead Of Night is the story of Detective Jimmy Bones and his Partner Frank Estrada who are investigating murders that could be linked to a serial killer who is copying one of the first serial killers in the world: Jack the ripper.  With every crime scene Detective Bones discovers a clue, which helps him draw one step closer to catching the killer, but could these clues also be leading the killer to his most prized victim:  Detective Jimmy Bones.

Palm is the story of Paris Milano.  A young college educated Sicilian woman that returns to her hometown to discover that the local Mafia Don has killed her family.  This in turn sends Paris on a wild and vengeful journey to America where she seeks Vengeance against the man that had her family killed.  Torn between falling in love with the FBI agent that’s trying to capture her and revenge, Paris will have to decide if the blood on her hands is worth the price of her heart.

So that’s about it for now on the comic side of things.  I’ll talk more about my 200-page graphic novel in another post.  All I can say at this moment is that all the pencils are in.

I’ve also been writing a feature screenplay called “Relics” it’s an action adventure, thriller in the vein of Angels and Demons.  Right now, I’m doing a rewrite on it.  I hope to share it with you soon.  Ah, what the hell, here’s the first few pages.  Enjoy!

Now for you that continue to read on I’ve also been writing the animated series bible for Guilds.  Let me tell you, writing series bibles are not fun.  Especially for animated works because there’s so much building up of the world and characters, but I can’t lie, it’s been a lot of fun.

Now some of you may be saying, “how can you write so much” and I’ll tell you my secret.  Now read this slow and out loud so you don’t forget it.  Here’s my secret.  I sit down and write.  Simple as that.  I give myself a deadline to keep myself motivated, but I sit and write, even when it’s not going well I write.  I tend to write in the morning or late and I do mean late at night.

Now this little update seems to be going on longer than I anticipated.  So I’ll talk about the webisode I wrote that will be shooting at the end of June in another update.  Yep, one small step.

But for now let me leave you with this little bit of advice.  Write from your heart.  Believe wholeheartedly and sometimes foolhardily that what you’re writing is meant for you to write no matter what some may say.

Till next time.  In the words of Veto Corleone, “Every man has but one destiny and in that destiny is his ultimate fate”.

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