who’s making all that noise?

July 31, 2014


I guess that would be me, but it’s just a little noise (for now), nothing to get all excited about.  Okay, maybe just a little excited.


Well I just did my first San Diego Comic-con panel and it was great!  I also got to cover the Black Panel, which is a panel I’ve sworn to one day be a panelist on.  I’m slowly making my way towards accomplishing that goal.  In between the panel and doing a bit of reporting for comicbookresources.com I’m excited to announce that my short script entitled, Tattooed Tears, is going to be shot in a few weeks.  If the end result is anything like the story I’ve envisioned you all are in for a wonderful treat.  The short will be directed by my writing partner, Aaron Lewis.

But that’s not all I’ve been writing.  I’m currently working on the revision to the Relics screenplay before it goes out to a production company for consideration.  I have three pilots out to various producers and I’m eagerly awaiting a yes or no, either way, I’m learning from each experience.

In between all this I still find the time to work on the next issue of One Nation, the 2014 Glyph awarded comic book series created by Jason Reeves.  Plus, I’m working on a number of other comic properties such as the 5-issue thriller series, In the Dead of Night, to which you can preview here, you can also preview pages of the Relics graphic novel that I’m developing here.

There’s a list of other comic projects from web to print and some stuff in between that I can’t yet talk about, but I can say that once these projects are up and running I think they’re going to be a delightful surprise for readers.

Before I go on I should announce that I’m part of a creative collective called the operative network.  This small band of talented creators will be looking to set various industries on fire with our storytelling and compelling artwork.  We dropped a visual mix tape at SDCC that is quickly gaining some traction.

For those wondering about the crime novel, Only the Holy remain, I’m currently rewriting (whenever I can) but I’ve posted the first 7 rewritten chapters on Book country and you can read them for free here

Until we meet again,

Thanks for the support and enthusiasm.  I hope you’ll enjoy everything that’s o come

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